Lone Tree Water and Flood Damage Restoration – Disaster Cleanup Services Customer Feedback

Read through the Disaster Cleanup Services Customer Feedback
From All Over Colorado

Water Damage and Mold

“Anthony and Chris were absolutely fantastic to work with! They provided great and timely service despite the fact that our damage happened during Broncos championship game and most businesses were closed.”

Patricia F., Aurora , CO

Really great company

“Disaster Cleanup Services was awesome. I was just blown away by my basement flooding, and they assured me it would be ok and they would take care of it. I live alone and didn’t have anyone around to handle it, so they were very helpful. I can’t say enough good.”

Mary Lou P., Denver, CO

Very happy with the experience.

“We were absolutely happy with Disaster Cleanup Services. A pipe broke upstairs in our rental unit, and water came down through the bathroom, walls, and garage. This was during a time when there was a lot of other flooding going on in the area, so I was surprised.”

Amy K., Evergreen, CO

Quick service

“We had an emergency situation, we were putting our house on the market but there was some water damage to one of the walls. They came out within the next couple days, fixed the problem and we were able to sell our home very quickly. They provide superb service.”

Hossein T., Denver, CO

Satisfied, very professional, and efficient

“I used Disaster Cleanup on 2 different occasions in Colorado. They were very prompt the price was nice and I appreciated their professional demeanor. A highly reputable company.”

Ashley W., Denver, CA

Excellent Service – Highly Recommend!

“Thankfully I have only had to use Disaster Cleanup Services the one time when our main floor and basement were completely flooded. They went above and beyond in every way and far exceeded my expectations. They helped us so much with drying everything out.”

Isaac M., Westminster, CO

Great job.

“I called Disaster Cleanup Services to help me with my flooded basement. It was a weekend, but they got there quickly and got right to work. They took out the carpet pad, pulled the baseboard up, and got a bunch of fans in there.”

Sylvia R., Denver, CO


“Disaster Cleanup Services were great. The cleaners were very polite, and they did a good job mitigating the fire damage we had. I would absolutely use them again in the future, if I needed to.”

Pattie L., Parker, CO

Timely service

“Steve was great to work with. Showed up shortly after we called.”

Dave J., Boulder, CO

Another good job

“Unfortunately this was the second time I had to use DCS in a month. Different rental property, different water source, but same result: soaked carpet and pad and risk of drywall wicking. DCS came quickly and got moving right away; they coordinated with my tenants.”

Sunny G., Denver, CO

Customer friendly and very professional.

“I called Disaster Cleanup Services because I had an emergency and I have to say that they were out there right away. I wasn’t even in town and when I called they were customer friendly and I had no problem with them. My wife wasn’t nervous around them.”

Larry F., Boulder, CO

Really great customer service!

“When I came back from a vacation, I found a leak under my sink that was causing a lot of water damage. I had never been through any water damage before, but when I called Disaster Cleanup Services they came over within an hour and a half.”

Elizabeth V., Englewood, CO